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Catching a Man Book Cover

“ORIGINALITY ALERT… This is a supernatural mystery modelled on a dystopian version of the 1950’s in America. Just let that sink in.”

Silvia Kay

“OHMYGOODNESS! Catching a Man is easily in my Top Ten Books of 2014. I just asked hubby for confirmation: he estimates that I looked up from reading to tell him how much I was enjoying this book at least a dozen times, if not more.”

Marie Harris

Kadin Stone’s life is finally going according to plan. She’s starting her new job as a homicide detective’s aide at one of the premier criminal investigation companies in Valeriel City, the capital of a 1950’s-style kingdom. Kadin is certain her new position will introduce her to any number of eligible men, so she’ll finally be able to get married and stop burdening the brother who insists on supporting her.

On Kadin’s first day, the royal family calls in her team to investigate the murder of gossip-rag cover girl Queen Callista. Kadin’s superiors think it’s an open and shut case. The queen’s jilted lover Duke Baurus DeValeriel had motive, means, and opportunity, but Kadin can’t help but spot holes in their theory.

After checking into a few leads of her own, Kadin inadvertently ends up in the confidence of Duke Baurus. When she tries to share what she knows with the rest of the team, she finds them unwilling to listen to the opinion of a girl who they know is only after a ring on her finger. In order to see justice served, Kadin finds herself doing the last thing she expected when she started working for a homicide detective—solve a murder!

“Having absolutely loved the first book, there’s always that worry that the next one won’t quite live up to the standard, or be a bit repetitive. Happily, this one blew it out of the water.”


Kadin Stone should be over the moon—or at least one of the two moons that grace the sky of Valeriel City. She has a great job working as an aide for one of the best homicide detectives in the city, and her boyfriend is on the verge of proposing. Getting married means she’ll have to give up her day job, but wedding bells have been her life goal for as long as she can remember. But she’s not happy, and she can’t quite figure out why.

Until Duke Baurus DeValeriel walks back into her life.

Kadin cleared Baurus of a murder charge six months ago, and she thought that was the last she’d see of him. After all, they move in completely different circles. But Baurus has need of a homicide detective after a rising film star dies at one of his parties. He’s convinced Kadin is the only one who can solve the case. Kadin’s only too happy to lend her expertise, but as the case progresses, she gets the feeling that Baurus wants more from her, and she’s not sure what she has to offer.

As the case leads Kadin from one tawdry secret to another—secrets only she seems capable of uncovering—she questions whether marriage is what she wants out of life. But it’s not always easy to decide whether to follow your dreams or follow your heart.

Staying on Top Book Cover

With Friends Like These

Not too long ago, Detective Kadin Stone’s life goal was to get married and fulfill the role of every
woman she knew. Instead, she ended up befriending the king and a sentient revolver and
gaining a blossoming career in the process. Despite her dubious fortune, she does her best to
keep her head down and solve the murders that make their way to her desk.

Staying invisible proves difficult when the king’s cousin Baurus narrowly survives an
assassination attempt. Baurus has made no secret of his attraction to Kadin, and he has every
intention of using his Imperial power to make her both be his bodyguard and figure out who tried
to kill him. The combination of duties means that instead of using her usual methodical
investigation tactics, she’s trying to protect a duke without the good sense to know he shouldn’t
be solving his own crime—especially when he’s convinced the culprit uses magic.

Baurus is determined that this time, he’s not letting Kadin out of his life without a fight, and as
she uncovers more secrets leading up to the investigation, their fates become more intertwined.
But she’s still not sure there’s a future for a detective and a duke, especially when one of them
could get shot at any moment.