“This also checks off all the things I want in a first installment: beautiful and compelling world building, witty prose, a beginning story that feels complete, and a desire for more adventures in the lives of these characters.”

Amazon Customer

Seven Strangers

Three Students: Bliss Bhanushali feels an instant connection to her roommate Lexi and Lexi’s boyfriend Will, though both girls can’t help but feel Will is keeping something from them.

Two Scoundrels: Jack and Cobalt Zhao find themselves on the run after their foolproof plan to rob a space train goes inexplicably awry.

A Soldier: Gavin Ibori must fight for his very survival in a challenge designed to test the mettle of the most promising new warriors.

A Servant: Roslyn Turin wants nothing more than her freedom, but her dreams of another life send her into psychiatric care instead.

One History

By day, they are seven strangers from different moons. At night, they dream of their interconnected lives twenty years ago. Their visions send them to the mysterious moon of Arachne, where an archaeological dig turns up strange alien artifacts.

Then the dreams get darker, filled with images of glowing symbols and spattered blood.

In their last lives, they were murdered. And if they don’t find out why, history is doomed to repeat itself.